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Barely Concealed Productions THANKS everyone who helped with:

Ready Or Not

a play by John Enright
After a year in a Mexican jail, he was hoping for a warm welcome,
but he's in for a wild ride.
ran for three weeks, opened June 18, closed July 5, 2009
"A delightfully human, romantic comedy with a little international intrigue... Menekseoglu
has put together a dream cast for this production." -
Kathleen Tobin, The Beverly Review 
at Dream Theatre , 556 W. 18th St., Chicago, IL

Danielle Gennaoui as Susan, Tom McGrath as Edward.

: Danielle Gennaoui
Edward : Tom McGrath
Kyle: Jeremy Menekseoglu
Norma: Tamika Morales
Diane: Rachel Martindale

Director/ Sound Design: Jeremy Menekseoglu
Production Design: Anna Weiler
Stage Manager: Kathleen Cawthon
Photography: Rachel Martindale
Graphic/Media Design: Lou Rocco Centrella