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Barely Concealed Productions THANKS everyone who helped with our FringeNYC production!

“A cute premise, clever dialogue, and a collection of nutty characters make John Enright’s O’Brien & O’Brian a fast-paced, warm, and funny play.” - NY Theater Now

“Great production @FringeNYC 'O'Brien and O'Brian'! Loved the accents guys! ... Gold! Go see it” - Irish Consulate in NY

“Playful plot twists and interesting characters make this play quite enjoyable.” - Hi! Drama

“The sarcastic air to John Enright’s script is also a nice surprise. It's on the lighter side but with the right amount of seriousness.” - Theater Is Easy

Venue #1, Teatro SEA at the Clemente
107 Suffolk St.

Tickets on sale now: click here.

A romantic comedy about lawyers in love, homophobia, Irish-phobia, and finding your heart's desire.

From our Chicago reviews:

"It's easy to find charm in a script that can move lightly from odd lovers to sapphic liaisons to EPA lawsuits involving beavers." -The Chicago Reader

"More wit, complications, and laughter per minute than any play I have attended this year." -The Frugal Chariot

"A great week night escape, enjoying art and local talent at the art district in Pilsen. We recommend!" -The Chicago Chic

"In 'O'Brien & O'Brian' Enright confronts, without malice, judgment or preaching and using a touch of comic human empathy, the confusion that can result in recognizing and confronting sexual identity in today's world." -The Beverly Review

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